living well,eating well
that is what we are about

Our mission is to be trusted to prepare nourishing fresh food and beverage in a friendly, clean and vibrant environment. Our customers will be able to quickly stop in, grab something that makes them feel good and go about their day, knowing they have made healthy choices.
We have a passion for wholesome, raw, organic and local produce, with each unique recipe specially crafted to create the maximum benefit for the body, mind and spirit.

The Su Jus Bar Cafe’s menu is inspired by the Latin America lifestyle, using a wide selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and super foods. Our cornerstone product will be freshly made natural juices and smoothies, free from juice concentrate and refined sugar. We will also provide customers with nourishing sandwiches, salads and raw desserts. Customers will have an abundance of options that are consistent, allergen-friendly and most importantly, delicious. The boutique menu ensures quality of produce that is prepared quickly and conveniently. Su Jus Bar Cafe is not just another health food store it’s a lifestyle.

Our values


We respect all people; it is the people who give the business life.

A Community Presence

We are part of a village we depend on each other.

Longevity of the Business

Many people rely on the business to succeed.


Everyone has accountability to our environment so we will, where possible use renewable and recyclable resources and minimize waste.

Organic Lifestyle

We are all derived from living matter so where possible we will use non GMO produce from ecologically aware producers who produce without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.
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