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Shop 87 Pialba Place Shopping Centre, Pialba

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About Su Jus

Our mission is to be trusted to prepare nourishing fresh food and beverage in a friendly, clean and vibrant environment. Our customers will be able to quickly stop in, grab something that makes them feel good and go about their day, knowing they have made healthy choices.

Su Jus Bar Hervey Bay - Take Away Acai Bowls
Su Jus Bar Hervey Bay - Take Away Acai Bowls1

Elevating the juicing lifestyle

The Su Jus Bar Cafe’s menu is inspired by the Latin America lifestyle, using a wide selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and super foods. Our cornerstone product will be freshly made natural juices and smoothies, free from juice concentrate and refined sugar. We will also provide customers with nourishing sandwiches, salads and raw desserts. Customers will have an abundance of options that are consistent, allergen-friendly and most importantly, delicious. The boutique menu ensures quality of produce that is prepared quickly and conveniently. Su Jus Bar Cafe is not just another health food store, it’s a lifestyle.

Locally Sourced

We emphasise locally grown, organic produce and support small farms and orchards.

Natural Ingredients

We will use non GMO produce from ecologically aware producers who produce without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

Fresh Daily

We’re committed to helping you achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, with a firm belief that healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

We Love The Enviroment

Everyone has accountability to our environment so we will, where possible use renewable and recyclable resources and minimize waste.

Hervey Bay Juice Bar

Su Jus Bar in Hervey Bay is the best place to get products filled with the essential minerals, vitamins, and living enzymes your body needs to survive.

Two Great Locations

A relaxed vibe and a menu full of healthy flavours, Su Jus Bar is serving Hervey Bay locals daily from our Pialba and Urraween locations. Enjoy a variety of juice, smoothies, coffee and more.

The Su Jus Story

Su Jus Bar Cafe founder Bronwyn Mendoza was probably always destined to work in the hospitality industry. Her parents have fond memories of how as a little girl she used to pretend she was the host on the local TV cooking show Radiant Living and, sure enough, Bronwyn grew up to forge a career working in restaurants, hotels and 5-star resorts. Twenty years ago, Bronwyn began dreaming about running her own business when she and her husband moved to Hervey Bay, but as with many best-laid plans life got in the way, and raising a family put the idea on hold for many years.

The dream may have been on hold, but it wasn’t forgotten. Three years ago, Bronwyn took the plunge, quit her job and started planning in earnest, and the Su Jus Bar lifestyle kiosk was launched in 2017. The inspiration for the business name came from Bronwyn’s daughter, who had created a special remedy juice to help her mother battle a dose of the flu some years back. The Sooper Dooper Juice quickly became a family favourite and, over the years, its name became shortened to Su Jus. That very juice is #1 on the Su Jus Bar juice menu (made from apple, orange, carrot, lemon, and ginger) and has turned out to be a favourite with customers too.

It was natural for the Su Jus Bar Cafe focus to be on healthy, natural food, as Bronwyn had adopted a Paleo-based gluten-free way of life some years ago, when her father’s cancer diagnosis made her assess her own health and lifestyle choices. She has been interested in food and health ever since and is a firm believer that you are what you eat and food is thy medicine. Now that her long-held dream is a reality and the business is up and running, Bronwyn enjoys unleashing her food creativity by inventing new and delicious recipes, and she loves talking to her customers and seeing them enjoy the Su Jus foods and beverages, which include of course great coffee.